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 Amber’s Instagram Update - the llama song with Minho

Anonymous whispered:
minkey- please stay


(pirate!au, warnings for descriptions of injuries, proceed with that in mind. and incompetent descriptions of fights 8D)

Fighting onboard their own ship was never something they aimed for, but when the seemingly completely innocent trade ship turns out to be filled with governor’s men armed from head to toe, there’s not much else to do but try to survive. 

Minho doesn’t worry about that, not really. It’s not the first fight they’re in, not by far, and he knows the members of the crew so well it’s easy to fight alongside them. Kibum is on his left, matching his movements one by one, like they’ve grown accustomed to in all these years.

If there’s anyone Minho trusts with his life, with his everything, it’s Kibum.

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i found your dog wondering the streets so i decided to come and return him AU


found this AU on this post and decided to write it. may write more of them later.

Most animals would run away if approached by a stranger on the streets, but this dog – more like a puppy – was happy to be noticed by Minho when he knelt down to check its collar. Which proved to be a difficult task as the black canine kept nipping and licking at his fingers, eager to show it was friendly and wanted to play.

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minkey + "Are you flirting with me?" please :)


Minho closes his eyes against the sun, enjoying the way he can still see the glow through his eyelids and feel the warmth on his face. There’s even a slight breeze now, which is why he ventured outside to enjoy the beautiful day for a while, especially while the sun isn’t as ruthless as it was earlier that day.

Now, it’s pretty much perfect. And to his surprise the beach actually isn’t packed full. There are people, yes, but there’s also room for him to actually choose where he wants to set up his belongings for now. He picks a nice spot that’s in half shadow, setting down his backpack and towel.

"Hey, could you give me a hand?"

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fleckle whispered:
Hi! exasperated rushed Minkey maybe??? "I don’t have time to play tour guide." C:


Minho is ordinarily a very polite person- the soul of courtesy if one will- but his current situation is far from ordinary. Attempting to herd four small children and one sobbing baby through a busy airport with just twenty minutes until the plane boards would exasperate anyone beyond any ordinary expectation of manners.

“Daddy,” says Minjun, one of the five-year-old twins. He tugs at Minho’s trouser leg, dragging him to a halt. “Daddy, I feel sick.” 

The six-month-old baby in the carrier-backpack strapped to Minho’s back cries louder, in ear-piercing, deafening wails. Minho’s left arm aches from carrying two-year-old Seoyun on his hip, and the two other girls- Minjun’s twin Minseo and seven-year-old Jiyoon- promptly start squabbling for possession of some stuffed toy or other. 

“I feel really sick,” adds Minjun seriously into this chaos, and promptly throws up all over himself and Minho’s leg.

Minho inhales a deep breath to calm himself down- why he’d thought he could manage all five kids on his own for this trip, he has no idea- and tries to formulate a plan of action that involves cleaning up vomit and still making it to their flight on time in the next eighteen minutes.

“Um, excuse me,” says a hesitant voice from behind him. “Would you happen to know where the shuttle to Terminal C is? I’m a bit lost-”

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minho taking his boyfriend’s key’s dog out for a walk